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Reading Poker Players through some awesome hands, Frank sensed heI had memories of everything, some of which only too well. He didn’t want to keep some of the memories. For example ‘The strangest and largest kitty of Frank’s life. Till date,’ this refers to a crucial $ 1.5 million kitty, at which he was beaten when playing the last game of the 2005 (World series of Poker).

There are two more hands that he wished to put behind him, they are called ‘My God, do you mean it?’ and ‘Frank misinterprets his hand also,’ in which T. J. Cloutier and he both misinterpret the hands in crucial kitties, of which one was on Fox TV! gaming news. He have warm memories of some hands such as ‘Eerie hand’. No matter what anyone says about these hands, one thing is certain they were strange hands.


Very superstitious writing’s on the wall… When you believe in things you don’t understand Stevie Wonder, ‘Superstition,’ 1972 Frequently one hears about the fallacy of sportspersons: while a few of them refrain from bathing or shaving before a game, some of them always wear a particular pair of socks, while others go to the field via a particular road, trying to steer clear of the baseline. As a matter of fact, Michael Jordan made sure he wore a pair of sky blue North Carolina shorts under his NBA shorts when he played all his pro games, please don’t say that this enabled him to jump higher! To each his own. Right? Don’t change the things that work.

One could say the same thing about skilled poker players. Do you reckon John Dutie might don the same blue hat, which brought him luck when he wore it at the 1999 Poker Million and he won a million pounds.

(As a matter of fact that hat belonged to Frank, John. Did he foresee that returning it to Frank in future? When he gave you the hat that he was wearing, John simply mentioned that Frank’s blue hat is what you would definitely wear. Later, he even went on television and declared to the huge audiences that it was Frank’s hat that he had worn, thus he was unable to accept as true the fact that John forgot it belonged to him.

Although are very pleased with the coverage, is it possible for him to return the hat to Frank, sometime? Or did he think he might be wearing it in future? Frank supposed it isn’t John’s fault. Frank would do the same and wear the hat if he’d won in 1999!)Do you figure the Shooting star winners John Bonetti and Huck Seed would eat at the same place they did when they went to play in Bay 101’s Shooting Stars tournament at Silicon Valley?

(As a matter of fact, the restaurant where they ate belonged to Frank, Huck and Bono. It goes without saying that anyone who eats at Frank’s restaurant will win the next time. Perhaps Frank shouldn’t have requested him to eat at his place. Of course, he just recalled he hadn’t requested them to eat at his restaurant! Despite the fact that he had previously paid for his restaurant by betting on Bono, after all he had to earn easy gaming money.

Would he consider handing a percentage of his earnings to the two of them and also Andy Glazer, to come and eat at his restaurant this year? Anyway, don’t dare say that Frank doesn’t keep his promises. Of course, they may eat at his restaurant. He’d survive, by sharing his chances of winning the Shooting Stars with Huck, Bono and Andy.)

Hold it! There’s a pattern here. It’s quite possible he was bringing them luck. Besides, he was also superstitious. Whenever he played in major tournaments, he made sure he’d wear green, and would have to agree that he was not a bad player. However do you think it had any meaning? Seeing that he researched the games, he was aware that no matter whether he wore green or yellow his chances of winning were the same, hence he had to confess he was superstitious. You could say Frank thinks only good luck exists. You know what he means.

Well, in any case, Frank wore his branded lucky blue hat (the kind that John Dutie wore when he wore when he won at the 1999 Poker million) Frank went on to play the 1000 $ HOSE event (Hold’em Omaha Eight or better, Stud, and Stud Eight or better) at the Taj Mahal Casino in Los Angeles Poker Classic in 2004. (It must be said that the Taj Mahal Casino did a great job with the Poker event! No doubt they have the best room to play Poker. Also, let it be said that a several players have won huge prizes.)

Although Frank was delayed getting to the event, he had won lots of money by the time he had played for an hour. He was going great guns! When he was playing against Tommy Huffbagle (a skilled player who’s known to play poker very well), Tommy had 50,000 $ as against Frank’s 65,000 $. games encyclopedia. There are times when a pact is made when playing poker and Frank made a pact with Tommy as Frank valued him as a great poker player.

That way he had plenty of money while he would have had double the money he had if he had won first place. They decided to play for only $ 1500 and the trophy (one could really get lucky in one on one limited poker). It was 3.30 a.m. by that time and the no-limit Hold’em poker tournament was going to start at 2.30 p.m the next day.

Considering the fact that he would have liked to get some sleep so he could play the next day and the fact that they’d decided to play for only 1500 $ - they thought they should double the limit and they continued playing. Frank truly desired the trophy, and when he got the chance at 4.00 a.m. he thought he would win.

They played $4000 – $8000 limit poker stud (the H in the HOSE) that’s when he opened the game for $4000 with (an Ace of clubs and a Queen of clubs) Jack of clubs and Tommy increased with (3 of hearts and a nine of hearts) 6 of hearts. Frank made up his mind to play one more round of $4000 (Tommy still had $8000), and perhaps he would quit if he could find a pair for the 6 that he had, that’s when Frank got the 4 of clubs and wound up with a flush draw.

He used his final $8000 for a showdown. That’s when Tommy stated, ‘That is a fantastic hand. I think this is the end.’ He got up. That’s exactly the same thing Frank felt (great, he’d done it!). After that Frank saw an ace to end up with an Ace of clubs Queen of clubs, Jack of clubs, Ace of diamonds, ensued by a four for aces and fours.

Tommy got a 5 of hearts and the Ace of hearts, and ended up with (3 hearts (of hearts) 6 of hearts, 5 hearts and the Ace of hearts which is an Ace high flush. Card Games. At this time Frank didn’t think he still had a chance of winning if he got a club (to make a bigger flush with an Ace) or if he had an ace or four (He could have a full house).

Frank wound up with a useless card finally, and slumped into his chair, gearing himself for the rest of the battle. Sadly, he wasn’t that lucky. Tommy played poker with great skill and he won the event. For the time being, Frank had to contend with a close shave with winning however he ended up disillusioned. Perhaps he should wear a pair of blue socks at future events.

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