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Next Poker Wave

It had started with Texas Hold’em, which had required that one play the game with a deck of cards, a table, and last but not least, chips.

Then Internet Hold’em entered the scene, this allowed one to play poker in the comfort of one’s own home.

Following this, wireless modems that hooked up to one’s laptop, and allowed one to play Hold’em in limousines (one Saturday night, Erick Lindgren and Frank had played from Atlantic City to Manhattan both of them had won more than $4,00!), in airports and grocery stores (Annie Duke), while driving from Vegas to L.A. (Russ Hamilton), and anywhere and everywhere in U.S.A.

Although it is cool to play in a limo or a taxi, one requires a laptop. Presently people can play Texas Hold’em directly on a cell phone!

Carry a cell and play poker anytime and anywhere!

Here’s a futuristic view of Texas Holed’em: ‘Phil Hellmuth’s Texas Hold’em Powered by Bluefuel.’

One can play poker on a standard cell phone face with the help of a brand new App by Summus Cellular Applications, and it is great.

It will have two different ways to play the game, one will be by text only and the other will be with a full graphics using a small poker table.

If a player happens to be busy or is using the phone (hopefully not while driving), the cell will beep when it is the player’s turn to act, so that he/she does not have to watch each and every hand from the beginning to the end.

Alternatively, watching every hand would teach one something about the players and their styles of playing. Either way, Frank prefers the graphic version.

When Frank and his wife were driving their son to a basketball playoff game for NJB (National Junior Basketball), he was seated in the passenger seat playing cell phone Hold’em poker, when this particular hand had come up.

They had been playing 5-10 blind Pot limit Hold’em, with a 2000 ‘chip’ buy-in. He had been down to 1,860 in chips and he had noticed that it had been impossible to bluff these players.

It was because he had just bluffed 200 chips into the three of diamonds, seven of spades, nine of diamonds, the King of diamonds and the seven of clubs, and his opponent had called him with his Ace-high.

That’s when he thought to himself, if they were going to call his big bets with nothing, then he would wait for a strong hand and bet it big.

After roughly fifteen minutes he had a pair of fours, and six players had taken the flop with him.

The flop had been a beautiful-looking two of diamonds, three of hearts and four of clubs, He had been called by two players.

The next card had been the Queen of hearts, and Frank had bet out 280 chips, again a pot-sized bet. That time one opponent had called him.

When the last card was a harmless ten of clubs, then Frank had bet out 900 chips (there had been 840 in the pot), and he had been called again.

Though he had not seen his opponent’s poker hand, the chips had instantly been put into his cell stack, and he had felt as if he had played the hand perfectly.

Usually he used to bet less on the flop to try to lure players into the pot, and characteristically he would have bet less on the turn as well, but not too much less since he would have had to protect his hand against a straight draw.

Ultimately, he would have normally bet more like 400 on the end to induce an easier call from his opponent.

The moral of the story is, if one’s weak opponents were going to call one’s big bets with weak hands, then they should be charged the maximum when one does have a strong eerie hand.

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